Specialty Topsoil

All of our soils and compost are tested by Penn State’s Agricultural Services Lab.

Results are available upon request.


Topsoil is made of a mixture of soil, compost and sand. The compost is added to gain nutrients and sand is added as well to prevent compaction and help with drainage. RHL screens and blends topsoil to increase nutritional value as well as limit clumping and provide a better fertilized, moist bed.


Compost comes from blending humus, manure, and filtrating aggregate. This is used to improve soil structure and to add moisture and nutrition for plants.

Mushroom Soil

Use mushroom soil as a soil amendment to improve the turf of poor marginal soils. It can improve the structure of clay soils, reduce surface crusting and compaction, promote drainage, increase microbial activity, and provide nutrients to turf grasses.

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